0 thoughts on “Pearls Before Swine”

  1. I have alomst completely given up looking at the ‘Reviews’ on Amazon – it seems to me that the people with the least to say (and especially loony right wing Christians) say it loud, and say it often, on Amazon.
    A good rule of thumb when looking at an Amazon review – stop reading when you hit the second spelling mistake!
    Mind you, some of the examples on Charlie Stross’ blog are hilarious.

  2. In keeping with the long-tail aspect of Amazon’s selling reviews on relatively little-known works where you only have a couple of people who have really looked them out are pretty good. Once you have more than a couple of reviews you start getting the more clueless people writing nonsense.

    As for why Amazon even bother allowing people to post reviews before something is released I have no idea. On popular stuff that just acts like an idiot magnet.

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