What I Did On My Holiday (Part One)

Two weeks on the North Norfolk coast.  Mysterious Neolithic paths, evocative coastal salt marshes, some of the best food and drink in the UK.

Like everyone I planned to leave work behind.  The trouble with work in the imaginative sphere is that the more relaxed you get, the more the imagination goes into overdrive.  There is no escape.

And so I came back with an outline for a new book.  It’s not fantasy (or SF) and it probably won’t be published under my real name.  It hasn’t got a publisher yet (because my current one only deals in F/SF/H).  But it’s one of the most commercial and stimulating stories I’ve ever created.  I reckon it could give the Da Vinci Code a run for its money (though it’s not in that strange sub-sub-genre of ancient mysteries, which has seen lots of activity in recent months – the Code and that particular area of story-telling is sooo two years ago…)

It’s not going to get in the way of The Kingdom of the Serpent, which is planned, structured and nearly two-thirds done.  One of the advantages of being highly disciplined (the old journalistic background of never missing a deadline) is I can quite comfortably do two books a year if necessary.

Of course, this means I can now justify to myself even more holidays a year.  It’s work, you see.

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