A Course of Memetherapy

The guys at Memetherapy have published an interview they did with me recently. They asked a bunch of intelligent questions about how I approach writing and research, like “Writing novels has been described as hard and emotionaly brutal. Is that true for you? What was it like writing Jack of Ravens?” and I gave them answers.

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  1. Interesting interview. Is writing a form of escapism too?

    Do you ever get confused juggling so many balls in the air, or does it help to keep you focused, in that if you get stuck on one thing you can go and work on something else and then come back and take a fresh look at the original problem?

    Oh and looking sharp in the photo ;)

  2. Yeah, nice photo!

    I was particularly pleased and excited to read this:

    “I’m writing the follow-up to Jack of Ravens which involves mythological research on the gods of the Greeks, the Norse, the Egyptians, the Chinese and Native Americans”

    YES! The Egyptian and Norse gods are my absolute favourites from childhood. Fantastic!!

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