Yes, That Big Box in the Corner

Writers write.  And sometimes when you’re plumbing the dark depths of your head, you have ideas that won’t be confined to one genre or even one medium.  I’ve written fantasy and SF and horror, I’ve written crime and psychological mysteries and contemporary drama.  I’ve recently published a graphic novel in the US, and I’m about to do more comics.

But what many people don’t know is that I also earn a crust as a screenwriter.  Today I’ve just finished the second episode of a new science fiction series I’m developing with the BBC.  It’s still a long way from appearing on your TV screen, and, in fact, may never do so.  It’s a long, exhausting and arduous task to get a series from idea to commission, with numerous, increasingly higher hurdles to jump over.  And even if you’ve finally shaped the best idea in the world, it can still fall at the last because there’s not a free slot in the schedule.

Yet to a novelist, used to toiling away in a lonely room, it’s a fascinating, invigorating process.  You get to work with other committed, creative individuals who take your idea in a surprising direction, and then you get to do the same with their ideas.  (Whether I would enjoy it so much if I didn’t have the singular visions and sole authorship of my novels to fall back on, is a different matter – you can’t beat being in complete control).

I’ve also got another supernatural series in the early stages of development, and a movie project.  And there’s been some initial movie interest in World’s End.

It’s all wait-and-see, but that’s part of the excitement.  You never know what’s going to be around the corner.

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  1. Heartily agree and can see endless hours of fun over who should play which role – I hace several vegetables in mind for Laura!

  2. Sounds most intriguing. I like thinking things out as a team, although the kind of team I tend to be part of it would be hard to create a serious outcome.

  3. Wow… movie interest!

    I’ve dreamed of AoM movies since I first ever read the series, but seeing it for real written here actually scares me! Only because the thought of my favourite books ever being ruined by rubbishy films…

    Then again, you’re not the type of person to allow that to happen, thanfully. It’s just that any time I hear about film adaptations, I get a sudden horrible image of an Americanised, watered-down version…

    I’ll be looking forward to this TV series, here’s hoping it manages to get onto our screens!

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