It’s A Love Thing

It’s 29 years since the ‘Summer of Love’ (now trade-marked, apparently, fact fans).  Thirty years would have made a nice, round figure, but I went and published the book a year early.

What’s this got to do with Jack of Ravens?  Read the book…

The whole hippie experience has developed its own mythology.  It has its own gods.  Its own Otherworldly home of these magical beings.  Its own mystical language.

If you’re looking for a good bit of background reading on the spiritual home of True Thomas, try here.  These things have shaped our future in a profound way, though many still try to confine them to fashion.

To some, hippies are a joke, but they’re the ones still fighting the Void, ‘sticking it to the man’ (thank you Jack Black)…through politics or just refusing to give up ideals in the face of bulldozer commercialism.  Or else they’re just getting stoned and admiring the pretty colours…

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