Cornwall. Best Place in Britain.

Until I start writing about Scotland and Wales. But, look…more prehistoric sites than any other county in the UK, St Michael’s Mount, Tintagel, the Eden Project, moors, beaches and great seas and sunsets.  What more could you want?

Which is why the research trip for Jack of Ravens was about as far from work as you could get.  The most important place I visited was Carn Euny, the remnants of an Iron Age settlement that features heavily in the book.  It’s a nightmare to find, which has its pluses – it’s not swarming with tourists and you can wander around it peacefully.

And if you’re prepared to get hands-on, you can head underground into a mysterious fogou.  These are underground passageways found mainly in south-west Iron Age sites.  Archaeologists aren’t sure what they were for – some say, they’re grain stores, others that they have a ritual use. 

Whatever the answer, there’s a very powerful atmosphere in the fogou.  I spent a good while tucked into a narrow niche at the end of one branching tunnel.  It was strangely spooky and uplifting at the same time.

20 thoughts on “Cornwall. Best Place in Britain.”

  1. Love the blog and many thanks for the information, more places for me and my motorhome to visit!

  2. Cornwall – also home to Tori! :)

    Thank you for this great blog – I can’t wait to read about all the fantastic places you go to.

    Another interesting and informative place to go to on the web.

  3. Yes it is, Jayne…

    I want more, as usual. What I want most are more extracts to keep us going to the big date – 16 days and counting….

  4. Whilst joining in the general whoopery and bouncery it does at least give me time to finish Hounds of Avalon before it arrives on the shelves!

  5. You know me Lizzy, despite the advancing years I’m always up for a bit of whooping and bouncing…. especially in the company of two fair maidens!

  6. Okay people, there’s a time and a place for bouncing and whooping over at mark’s forum… let’s try to keep this on-topic, shall we..? ;)

  7. Blimey, Ariel exists over here….ooops…that’s off topic – sorry Ariel – going back to my corner now…..

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