Book Launch – All Invited

I’ll be launching The Scar-Crow Men at Waterstone’s in Nottingham on June 2. It’s the first time I’ve done a launch since Nocturne way, way back (my second novel), but that was a private party for friends and publishers at the old Murder One bookshop in Charing Cross Road in London.

This is a public event. I’ll be talking about the novel, about fantasy, history, philosophy, magic, writing – hell, anything which comes to mind, probably – and I’ll be doing a short reading too, and signing as well.

The venue: Waterstone’s, 1/5 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham NG1 2GR.
Time: 7pm
Tickets are £3. No idea what the limit is, but it’ll be on a first come, first served basis. You can get them in-store in advance, or call the store on 0845 034 9516.

This may well be the only official signing for The Scar-Crow Men so get in soon if you want me to scribble all over your pristine copy. Happy to sign any other stuff you’ve got too.