Game Of Thrones – Changing The World One Beheading At A Time

I’ve been spending some time talking to the futures consultancy The Future Laboratory and LS:N Global on a project they’re putting together examining how and why Game of Thrones broke out of the fantasy ghetto and into the mainstream – crossing generational and cultural lines across the globe.  The report they’re compiling will be available to their many and varied clients in business and the media, who’ll use it for future-planning and analysis.

Some of the things we discussed was how technology is making people more receptive to the fantastic, the future of storytelling in TV and games with reference to the Oculus Rift, fairytales, why Dark Ages stories are now in the zeitgeist and why that period is going to be relevant for a while, and what it is particularly about Game of Thrones that has connected with so many people – among a hundred and one other things.

Do not be surprised if you see the fantastic worming its way into many other unconnected parts of the business world in the months to come.