The Daemon

Subtitled A Guide To Your Extraordinary Secret Self, Anthony Peake’s fascinating book examines the theory that we all have not one but two separate consciousnesses – our every day mind and that of The Daemon, a separate ‘self’ if you will, or a higher consciousness that guides us, and occasionally breaks through into our day-to-day existence. An all-knowing passenger.

The concept of The Daemon goes back to the ancient Greeks, and Philip Pullman put another slant on it in His Dark Materials, but the idea of the silent partner guiding us has surfaced in accounts of odd experiences by many people across the centuries. Peake quotes Byron, Cocteau, Goethe and particularly Philip K Dick among several others as he presents his case.

The book takes the reader on a wide-ranging journey through neuroscience, mysticism, theology, cutting edge physics, dreams and altered states, and communicates it in an easily-understandable manner. Gnosticism, Socrates, Jung, Einstein…plenty to get your teeth into.

If he’s right, this opens up endless possibilities and may well make you look at events in your life in a completely different way.