Do Not Feed The Authors

I’ve been eating curry and drinking beer at somebody else’s expense again. My publisher’s marketing supremo – hi, Claire – had a great idea to take six science fiction and fantasy authors to lunch, then film the subsequent outpouring of Wildean wit and scintillating conversation to entertain both sales reps and the wider world.

This probably looked very good on paper.

I have a sneaking suspicion there will probably be only a couple of minutes of useable footage, in-between Robert Rankin’s lurid and libellous accounts of XXXX doing XXXXX to XXXX with a XXXX, and several other off-colour stories from fellow diners Rob Grant, Adam Roberts, Joe Abercrombie and Tom Lloyd which would probably result in a multi-million pound pay-out if they ever saw the light of day.

But we had a great deal of fun, and the food at Covent Garden’s Raj restaurant was excellent. When the final “promotional” film is made available – the first one ever to result in a drop in sales – I will, of course, post it here. You have been warned.