2014 – In With A Bang

Happy New Year.

Lots of new stuff on the go. I know I promised all the ebooks would be available by now, but there’s a reason – several, in fact – why ebook approval got shoved down the to-do list.

I’ll get to some of those announcements in forthcoming posts. Today I just wanted to flag up my secret identity. I know this has been an open secret to some readers, but I’ve been working on a historical fiction series under the pseudonym James Wilde.

Reason for the name change? People in the publishing industry like simplicity – it makes their job easier. Mark Chadbourn books go in this part of the bookshop.  Historical fiction goes over here. I once wrote a non-fiction book called Testimony.  In every bookshop I went into, I’d find it in a different section.  Readers had to go on an epic quest just to track it down.

I learned my lesson.

So if you want to read about England’s greatest hero, Hereward (who was the template for Robin Hood), seek out James Wilde.  The stories are bloody – as befits a time where wars were fought with axes and spears – but I know you’ve all got strong stomachs.  They’ve sold extraordinarily well – a Times best-seller – and as a history buff, as you all well know, I’m having a blast writing them.

Stirring covers from my publisher too:

Hereward1 Hereward2 Hereward3


More soon on interesting developments in TV and film, and on the new ebook release schedule.