Me On AppleNews


If you have an IOS device, you can now get updates from this site on AppleNews – all beautifully formatted with gleaming images. None of that old-fashioned going to a website stuff or creaking RSS.

Go into AppleNews on your phone or tablet, search for my name, click the + sign to add my channel and you’ll get everything I write seconds after it appears here.

The only thing that could be better is if I hand-delivered it to your door.

New Site, New Age

Here’s the new website. ┬áIt’s only been, what, three years in the coming…

I needed to pull together the old information site at the .net address and the Jack of Ravens blog, and hopefully keep it up-to-the-minute – particularly as there’s a lot happening in the near future, including the ‘lost’ books, novellas and short stories being made available in e-book format.

Any comments or suggestions for changes and improvements will all be appreciated.