Get Yer ‘Inhuman Writing Machine’ T-Shirts

What started as a joke on Twitter and Facebook – in which I complained that my four nominations for Best Novel on the British Fantasy Awards longlist made me look like an inhuman writing machine – has taken on a life of its own.

Artist and reader @Madnad ran with the idea – and you can now buy her creatively-designed ‘Inhuman Writing Machine’ t-shirts here. Good for authors, journalists and anyone who makes – or aspires to make – a living from words.

And, no, there’s no cash coming my way for this. Go on, you know you want to…


* Two lattes at the writing cafe, thousand or so words.

* @nextread There’s another one coming I haven’t announced yet! I’ll send you the Jpeg when it’s available.

* @moviegrrl You know what? I’d read it!

* 24 ep1: good. If you absolutely, positively need a right wing nutjob, Jack’s your man.

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* Halfway through penultimate chapter, careening downhill with plot-lines flying off everywhere…

* Penultimate chapter of ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ now underway!

* It’s past midnight and I’m not wearing rags. They lied to me.

* @charliefarlie8 I want the one where she’s holding a bloody moosehead…

* Doctors second draft. Done.


* McCain. Palin. Nuclear button. Now officially scared. And she can’t pronounce ‘nuclear’!

* Stayed up too long watching the Democratic convention. Now tired *and* hungover. And dialogue to write…

* So, a new Harper Collins fantasy and SF imprint on the Solaris model.

* Talking to the Americans about covers.