Solaris Book of New Fantasy

Pimp alert. The good people at Solaris have kindly offered to publish one of my short stories in their excellent new anthology. The story is called ‘Who Slays the Gyant, Wounds the Beast’ and features Elizabethan England’s greatest spy, Will Swyfte, the devilish forces of Faerie, intrigue, romance and a touch of swashbuckling.

And if that’s not enough – and why should it be? – the book also includes work by Steven Erikson, Juliet E McKenna, Lucius Shepard, Jeff Vandermeer, Hal Duncan, Janny Wurts and more. Find out more about it here and buy it in the UK here for the very reasonable price of £2.82 (currently) and in the US here for $7.99.

Elizabethan England’s Greatest Spy

Will Swyfte, who made his debut in the Elizabethan chapter of Jack of Ravens will be going solo in a new short story to appear in a prestigious fantasy anthology from Solaris later this year.

Entitled ‘Who Slays the Gyant, Wounds the Beast’, the tale fits into the mythos established in my recent books. It’s Christmas Eve, 1598, and the aristocracy of Elizabeth’s court has gathered at a country house for a night of debauchery. Will Swyfte, Elizabethan England’s greatest spy, is despatched by spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham to prevent a terrible turning point in the cold war with Faerie. But the Tuatha de Danann are gathered in the cold wastes beyond the house and will do anything to achieve their aim before dawn breaks.

Details on publication date and other authors coming shortly.