TV Deal For Testimony

As the word is now starting to circulate, I ought to mention here that I’ve signed a deal with producer Carson Black at Keo Films to develop Testimony as a three-parter for TV.  It’s early days yet and there are still many obstacles to clamber over before it gets to the screen, but it’s a positive step.

Testimony is my non-fiction investigation of a truly terrifying supernatural case at an isolated house in Wales.  You can find the book here, for UK readers, and here if you’re in the US.  (It’s also available in Amazon stores in Japan, Brazil, India, Italy and elsewhere.)

The Most Terrifying True Story Ever Told…Out Now

Easily scared?  Probably best if you don’t read Testimony, my non-fiction account of a truly spine-chilling supernatural event, now available at Amazon.  The publisher calls it The ultimate proof of life after death, or the most terrifying true story ever told? and that’s a fair description.

When Bill and Liz Rich moved into an isolated Welsh house, they thought they were getting a dream home and a new life free from worry.  But within weeks they were baffled by an inexplicable power drain.  The house seemed to be using more electricity than a small industrial estate – even the investigators from the utility company couldn’t explain it.  Then, one night, Bill heard footsteps thundering along the landing.  Everyone else in the house was fast asleep.  That was the start.


What comes next goes into some very dark places indeed.  This case has been described as the British Amityville, but that really doesn’t do it justice (especially as that story has been widely debunked).  This account is backed up by in-depth interviews with around twenty people who experienced the disturbing events in that house, not just the couple at the heart of it.  And just to re-iterate, it’s not fiction.  I have digital recordings and pages of contemporaneous shorthand notes of all those interviews.  As a hard-bitten ex-journalist, even I found myself at turns baffled and then troubled by what I heard.

The original book sold out in a week and was never reprinted.  There’s a story around that too.  Copies now fetch hundreds of pounds.  This is a new edition, with new material, a director’s cut if you will.  You can get the ebook here if you’re in the UK and here if you’re a US reader.  It’s also available in the Amazon stores in Australia, Germany, France, India, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and Japan.  Version for other e-readers will be available shortly.

If you can help get the word out about this, it would be great, and reviews are always welcome too.

Testimony – In Ebook

Coming in July: Testimony in Ebook format.  Of all the books in my backlist waiting to make the transition to digital, this is the most requested.  More details soon, including the new cover.  “Testimony – the ultimate proof of life after death, or the most terrifying true story ever told?” is the description sitting atop the publisher’s release form.

2014 – In With A Bang

Happy New Year.

Lots of new stuff on the go. I know I promised all the ebooks would be available by now, but there’s a reason – several, in fact – why ebook approval got shoved down the to-do list.

I’ll get to some of those announcements in forthcoming posts. Today I just wanted to flag up my secret identity. I know this has been an open secret to some readers, but I’ve been working on a historical fiction series under the pseudonym James Wilde.

Reason for the name change? People in the publishing industry like simplicity – it makes their job easier. Mark Chadbourn books go in this part of the bookshop.  Historical fiction goes over here. I once wrote a non-fiction book called Testimony.  In every bookshop I went into, I’d find it in a different section.  Readers had to go on an epic quest just to track it down.

I learned my lesson.

So if you want to read about England’s greatest hero, Hereward (who was the template for Robin Hood), seek out James Wilde.  The stories are bloody – as befits a time where wars were fought with axes and spears – but I know you’ve all got strong stomachs.  They’ve sold extraordinarily well – a Times best-seller – and as a history buff, as you all well know, I’m having a blast writing them.

Stirring covers from my publisher too:

Hereward1 Hereward2 Hereward3


More soon on interesting developments in TV and film, and on the new ebook release schedule.

Testimony Revisited

Very shortly you can expect a new ebook which reflects upon my one and only non-fiction book, Testimony.

This was a truly terrifying account of a family trying to make sense of a maelstrom of supernatural experiences after they moved in to an isolated house in the wilds of Wales. The book sold out its first print run in record time – and then disappeared from the shelves completely. Another story surrounds that.

The ebook will feature new content – including a detailed commentary about the case and how I went about investigating it. At the moment, the aim is to include enough to make it, to all intents and purposes, a new book. That’s one reason why I’m planning to retitle it (the other is that several other books called ‘Testimony’ have come out in the meantime).

The book has already been formatted and the new material prepared – all that’s holding it up is the title.

More soon when I have a publication data.

The Devil’s Looking Glass UK Publication

Published today in the UK: The Devil’s Looking Glass.

First few lines:

The merciless sun boiled in a silver sky. Waves of heat shimmered across the seething main deck of the becalmed galleon where seven sailors knelt, heads bowed. As blood dripped from their noses onto their sweat-sodden undershirts, they muttered prayers in Spanish, their strained voices struggling to rise above the creaking of hull timbers flexing against the green swell. Harsh light glinted off the long, curved blades pressed against their necks.

At the sailors’ backs, the grey men waited in silence, still as statues, drawing out the whimpering men’s agony before the swords swept down. Ghosts, not there yet there, their bone-white faces were wreathed in shadow despite the unremitting glare. Oblivious to the sweltering heat, they wore grey leather bucklers, thick woollen breeches, and heavy boots, the fabrics silver-mildewed and reeking of rot.

Captain Juan Martinez de Serrano was kneeling on the forecastle, heavy brows furrowed as he watched the row of seamen. Even now he could not bring himself to look into the terrible faces of the ones who had boarded his ship. Aft of the Spanish vessel, the other galleon’s grey sails billowed and its rigging cracked, although there was no more wind today than there had been for the past three. Serrano lowered his head in desolation. What fools they had been. Though they knew the devils of the Unseelie Court were like wolves, the lure of gold had been too great.

New Ebooks On The Way

Ebook versions of my out-of-print titles will be published in the coming weeks. These will be enhanced versions, with corrected copy and in some cases additions to text. They will also include detailed commentaries – background to the story, how the book came to be written and how it reached publication. The information, tips and knowledge here will be of particular interest to aspiring writers.

In the pipeline are Lord of Silence, Scissorman, The Eternal, Nocturne, The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke, and a collection of rare short stories and novellas, as well as a look-back at the ‘lost’ and possibly cursed non-fiction book Testimony.

If you have any preferences for publication order, let me know.

New Worlds, No Maps

Stepping into that strange liminal space of thinking about a new book.  Exciting, certainly.  Scary too.  Strange connections are made as the universe, or the unconscious, recognises what you’re doing, pulling things out of the aether and thrusting them under your nose.  Images, music, places, people, dreams, serendipitous discoveries, all have a part to play.

I might document a few here, without comment.  Will it be possible to see where I’m heading from outside my head?  That would be interesting to know.  Perhaps there really is more clarity from that objective viewpoint.

I have an idea of the *kind* of book I want to write, but that’s about all the restrictions I’m placing on myself.  The general direction.  North by northwest.  But no destination is in mind.  I like the thrill of setting out for the horizon and seeing where I finally roll up.  It has to be new.  I’m not interested in repeating what I’ve done before.  I want to discover things, for myself as well as for the people who read my books.

Reports from the journey may pop up on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, on Jack of Ravens and Posterous.  Interested parties should look for the tag #oneiroi