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    Fiction Series.

    Swords of Albion

    Kingdom of the Serpent

    The Dark Age

    Age of Misrule

    Fiction Stand-Alone

    Tie-In Fiction



    Graphic novels and comics

    • Negative Burn (Caliber)
    • Raven Chronicles (Caliber)
    • Fatalis (Caliber)
    • Book of Shadows (Image)

    Short Stories

    • Six Dead Boys in a Very Dark World (Fear magazine)
    • Where Do You Go When the Lights Go Out? (The Edge)
    • Whisper Lane (in The British Fantasy Society: A Celebration – winner of the British Fantasy Award)
    • ‘Who Slays the Gyant, Wounds the Beast’ (in The Solaris Book of New Fantasy, edited by George Mann, Solaris; also in Year’s Best Fantasy 8, edited by David G Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer, Tachyon)
    • By My Works You Shall Know Me (in Masked, edited by Lou Anders, Simon & Schuster)
    • Straight, No Chaser (in Hellboy: Oddest Jobs, edited by Christopher Golden, Dark Horse)
    • The King of Rain (in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror vol 8, edited by Stephen Jones, Carroll & Graf)
    • The Ones We Leave Behind (in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror vol 18, edited by Stephen Jones, Carroll & Graf)
    • Sour Places (in The Children of Cthulhu, edited by John Pelan and Benjamin Adams, Del Rey)
    • Farewell to the 21st Century Girl (in The British Invasion, edited by Christopher Golden, Tim Lebbon & James A moore, Cemetery Dance)
    • Vaudeville (in Scaremongers 2, edited by Steve Savile, Tanjen)
    • Love and Death at the End of the World (in The Last Continent, New Tales of Zothique, edited by John Pelan, Shadowlands Press)
    • The Creak of Hidden Doors (in Cold Cuts II, edited by Paul Lewis and Steve Lockley, Alun Books)
    • Auld Acquaintance (Peeping Tom)
    • Charlotte’s Room (Darkhaven)
    • Above, Behind, Beneath, Beside (in Scaremongers, edited by Andrew Haigh, Tanjen)
    • Deadhouse Steps (in The British Fantasy Society Yearbook 2009)
    • Wan Light (Sackcloth & Ashes)
    • All Things Considered, I’d Rather Be in Hell (Peeping Tom)
    • Cold Comfort (Kimota)
    • If I Should Die in a Combat Zone (Phantoms)
    • Where the Black Dog Runs (Peeping Tom)




    • On Prime Evil edited by Douglas E Winter (in Horror Another 100 Best Books, edited by Stephen Jones and Kim Newman, Carrol & Graf)
    • On Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me (in Cinema Macabre, edited by Mark Morris, PS Publishing)
    • Introduction to Black Dust by Graham Joyce
    • Introduction to Jigsaw Men by Gary Greenwood
    • Introduction to The Rag Child by Paul Lewis and Steve Lockley