• Five Pieces of Story Research That Still Haunt Me

    by  • August 17, 2006 • 0 Comments

    1) Crawling along a tunnel barely bigger than a coffin more than two hundred feet beneath the ground, one person in front of me, one person behind, around one hundred feet from beginning to end – impossible to back out if you got stuck. It linked two main tunnels in a now-defunct coal mine...

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    The Age of Heroes?

    by  • August 13, 2006 • 8 Comments

    Fiction is not disconnected from the real world.  This might be stating the obvious, but some people seem to think that books just get written, published and sold at the whim of authors and publishers.  But it’s possible to map out a correlation between trends in publishing and real world events.  That’s just common sense...

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    What I Did On My Holiday (Part One)

    by  • August 12, 2006 • 0 Comments

    Two weeks on the North Norfolk coast.  Mysterious Neolithic paths, evocative coastal salt marshes, some of the best food and drink in the UK. Like everyone I planned to leave work behind.  The trouble with work in the imaginative sphere is that the more relaxed you get, the more the imagination goes into overdrive. ...

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    Arthur’s Seat scorched and drenched

    by  • August 8, 2006 • 0 Comments

    The BBC reported today that a fire has been burning on Arthur’s Seat – the hill outside Edinburgh – for the past 24 hours, and that fire-fighters are still on-site to ensure that it remains under control. What the report failed to mention was whether or not the fire was tinged with blue… [That...

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    David Gemmell Remembered

    by  • August 7, 2006 • 0 Comments

    As I’m sure most of the readers of Jack of Ravens will already know, the fantasy genre lost one of its most accomplished and popular writers when David Gemmell passed away on July 28th. Juliet E. McKenna has posted links to various newspaper obituaries on her blog, and I’ve added links to a few...

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    Ravens Reviewed

    by  • August 3, 2006 • 0 Comments

    John Berlyne has posted his review of Jack of Ravens over at SFRevu.com. John writes an insightful overview of the book, identifying the main themes, avoiding spoilers, and most importantly assessing the work purely on its own merits – even whilst Admitting that he hadn’t realised it was a continuation of Mark’s earlier work,...

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    Lots going on at Treadwell’s

    by  • August 1, 2006 • 0 Comments

    If you live in London and you’re interested in anything from modern-day magickal workshops to literary readings, esoterica study groups to academic conferences, you should probably check out Treadwell’s Bookshop in Covent Garden. I have to confess that I haven’t actually attended any of their events myself, but that’s only because it’s a heck...

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    Sandbrook on the Summer of Love

    by  • July 30, 2006 • 0 Comments

    There’s a review of Dominic Sandbrook’s White Heat: A History of Britain in the Swinging Sixties in today’s Sunday Times culture section. It’s part political history – looking at the coming to power of Howard Harold Wilson – part cultural history of the era. The reviewer, Peter Clarke, concludes that it’s a “lively narrative”...

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    Fantasy vs SF Round One

    by  • July 27, 2006 • 0 Comments

    John Jarrold is talking about the number of fantasy novel debuts this year compared to the complete lack of SF debuts. He points out that fantasy has about 70% of the market compared to SF’s 30%, even though SF is performing stronger than it has done for years. When I started reading, I picked...

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