• Chocolate Chip or Cookie Dough?

    by  • July 20, 2006 • 0 Comments

    The publishing world is a very strange place to be, sometimes.  It’s mostly filled with people staring into their crystal balls trying to guess what “the reader will want” in the coming 12 months to three years, desperately trying to keep hold of their jobs every time the latest round of sales figures come...

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    Heart of Albion

    by  • July 18, 2006 • 0 Comments

    Just wanted to direct your attention to Heart of Albion Press as Breakfast raised them in one of the comments below. Heart of Albion publishes books on many of the things referenced in my stories – from standing stones to fairy lore – and are well worth checking out if you want to investigate...

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    Riding the Broomstick

    by  • July 17, 2006 • 4 Comments

    Witchcraft remains a prime source of interest for people intrigued by myth and legend.  Not only does the practice of Wicca tap into ancient archetypes and deities, it also has a huge continuum of its own myths whirling around it. Many of those were – and are – designed to destroy it as a...

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    Yes, That Big Box in the Corner

    by  • July 13, 2006 • 0 Comments

    Writers write.  And sometimes when you’re plumbing the dark depths of your head, you have ideas that won’t be confined to one genre or even one medium.  I’ve written fantasy and SF and horror, I’ve written crime and psychological mysteries and contemporary drama.  I’ve recently published a graphic novel in the US, and I’m...

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    Secrets and Lies

    by  • July 10, 2006 • 0 Comments

    If there’s one theme that runs through all my fantasy tales, it’s this: nothing is as it seems on the surface.  A superficial glance suggests the novels deal with Arthurian legend and Celtic mythology in a modern setting.  But the conceit is that those old stories are a secret code for the truth that...

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    All Hail the New Gods

    by  • July 7, 2006 • 9 Comments

    Everything we learn about myths when we’re kids suggests that they’re set in stone, somewhere in the deep past.  But myths and legends, like fairytales, are mutable.  Try tracking the various iterations of Robin Hood down the years – from nature spirit to anarchist to Royalist and back. But what are the myths of...

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    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

    by  • July 5, 2006 • 4 Comments

    The Government doesn’t want us to know the risks of identity cards.  I wonder why… They can already track us by our mobile phones and credit cards.  They can read our emails and listen to all our phone calls.  And they can watch us on the network of CCTV cameras. You’d think that would...

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    I Have No Title for the Next Book

    by  • July 4, 2006 • 0 Comments

    Titles are a nightmare.  On the bookshelf they always look like they’ve arrived fully-formed, which neatly masks the blood, sweat and tears that sometimes goes into their creation.  They need to be short, powerful, evocative and unique.  You think that’s easy? I normally sell my books to my publisher on the basis of a...

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    Cornwall. Best Place in Britain.

    by  • July 3, 2006 • 20 Comments

    Until I start writing about Scotland and Wales. But, look…more prehistoric sites than any other county in the UK, St Michael’s Mount, Tintagel, the Eden Project, moors, beaches and great seas and sunsets.  What more could you want? Which is why the research trip for Jack of Ravens was about as far from work...

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    Fantasy? Okay… but why?

    by  • July 2, 2006 • 7 Comments

    Fantasy is just escapism. A bolt-hole for woolly thinkers unable to live in the modern world. That line of thought pops up as regular as dysentery on an unlicensed Nile cruise. It’s usually either journalists, or science fiction readers (or writers) who like stories about Big Machines with no discernible human dimension. A history...

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