The Witch Farm

One of my most enduring and successful books is Testimony, my non-fiction account of a family’s truly terrifying experience in an isolated Welsh house. Now there’s a podcast coming from the team behind The Battersea Poltergeist through BBC Sounds.

The Witch Farm, an eight-part series by Danny Robins starring Joseph Fiennes and Alexandra Roach, launches on October 17, but there’s a trailer available now. Give it a listen.

You can find a brief extract of Testimony at this link: “An old house in mid-Wales seemed like a haven to Liz and Bill Rich. But within weeks of their arrival, inexplained happenings turned their enchantment to horror. This is their story – the true story of an experience that has defied all explanation.”

If you want to pick up the ebook, UK readers should go here.

And US readers should go here.

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