Mushrooms Can See The Stars

Mushrooms can see the stars. They might even be able to see you.

Nobel Prize-winning biophysicist Max Delbruck discovered fungi have a sensitivity to light equal to the human eye and adapt to changes in light as our eyes do. They can detect light levels as low as a single star.

They can also see colour across the spectrum using receptors sensitive to blue and red light. Fungi use opsins, the light-sensitive pigments present in the rods and cones of human eyes.

We base the concept of intelligence on the human experience, but fungi can solve problems, communicate, make decisions, learn and remember.

Intelligence in fungal networks is a rapidly growing area of discussion. They have constant electrical firing like a human brain. When a flame is brought near a mushroom, others in the cluster show an electrical spike, like fear.

And the fungi genome is closer to humans than it is to plants, with many shared elements.

There’s more, much more. Mind-blowing stuff that will change the way you see the world. If you want to investigate further, I highly recommend checking out Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake. It’s a groundbreaking book.

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