How To Enter The Secret World Of Animation

If you’re interested in getting into animation or film, here’s a Kickstarter you might want to support. My friend, the animator, Stu Gamble, says:

I come from a background where I didn’t have the opportunity to go to university to learn the production process. In fact when I was younger there really wasn’t any wide availability for professional production education. I couldn’t seem to find work placement or get into the industry in general. All I had was a burning passion to make film since I was a small child.

Of course it’s all different now. There are plenty of opportunities to learn the myriad production techniques that fill the media world. But what I still find is that its still incredibly difficult to get any first hand knowledge of how a production works. There’s lots of puff pieces and snippets of tutorials here and there but there’s been no real substance as far as a project is concerned.

This is where our Kickstarter campaign comes in. I’m incredibly happy to be able to offer the complete work files of the project in a perk. It includes all designs, storyboards, animatics and edit files, animation source files, live action plates, composite files and final sound and outputs. There will also be a short documentary that explains the production process and how we do things. It’s my opportunity to give something back and open up a professional production to an audience that wants to know what goes into making some great animation.

Grief Encounters is a series of animated shorts that brings to life the art of animated surrealist Luke Chueh.  This project explores these narrative conundrums by animating some of the most iconic paintings from Chum’s portfolio, reimagining the worlds within whilst weaving narratives that stay true to his unique blend of comedy and tragedy.

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