• The Swords Of Albion Redux

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    When you write a series of fantasies about swashbuckling Elizabethan spies, you don’t expect them to take on a contemporary relevance.  But here we are.

    Elizabeth is on the throne.  A technology boom is underway.  We have a flowering of the arts and a rapidly growing capital city.

    There’s talk of buccaneering trade deals.

    And now…war with Spain?

    It’s the sixteenth century all over again.

    As yet no supernatural enemies besieging Britain, and I’m still looking for our Christopher Marlowe, who appears in book two.  See for yourself how little has changed in four hundred and fifty years.  You can sample the books here:

    The Sword of Albion

    The Scar-Crow Men

    The Devil’s Looking Glass

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