You Won’t Get That Here


So-called expert advice to bloggers says stick to one subject so readers always know what they’re getting.

Yeah. ^^ ^^

Here, expect #writing #science #weird #politics #tech #mythology #psychology #books #music #economics #thefuture #thepast #philosophy #films #folklore #TV #internationalrelations and a whole host of other things.

I’m less interested in writing this as a way to promote my work, than I am in using it to pursue intellectual curiosity.  Because here, in the 21st century, I think we’ve finally reached the point where we accept that everything is connected, yes?  Why write about one thing when it’s being affected significantly by matters off your narrow agenda?

Now I’ve delivered my latest MS to editor and agent, I’ll be updating this site regularly, perhaps every other day.  Not everything will be to your taste, but hopefully a regular reader will often find something that raises questions, inspires or intrigues.

The basic theme, then, is: the inside of my head.

And feel free to give me your feedback in the comments, or suggest subjects that you’d like tackled.  All modern media is a conversation, after all.



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