The Most Terrifying True Story Ever Told…Out Now

Easily scared?  Probably best if you don’t read Testimony, my non-fiction account of a truly spine-chilling supernatural event, now available at Amazon.  The publisher calls it The ultimate proof of life after death, or the most terrifying true story ever told? and that’s a fair description.

When Bill and Liz Rich moved into an isolated Welsh house, they thought they were getting a dream home and a new life free from worry.  But within weeks they were baffled by an inexplicable power drain.  The house seemed to be using more electricity than a small industrial estate – even the investigators from the utility company couldn’t explain it.  Then, one night, Bill heard footsteps thundering along the landing.  Everyone else in the house was fast asleep.  That was the start.


What comes next goes into some very dark places indeed.  This case has been described as the British Amityville, but that really doesn’t do it justice (especially as that story has been widely debunked).  This account is backed up by in-depth interviews with around twenty people who experienced the disturbing events in that house, not just the couple at the heart of it.  And just to re-iterate, it’s not fiction.  I have digital recordings and pages of contemporaneous shorthand notes of all those interviews.  As a hard-bitten ex-journalist, even I found myself at turns baffled and then troubled by what I heard.

The original book sold out in a week and was never reprinted.  There’s a story around that too.  Copies now fetch hundreds of pounds.  This is a new edition, with new material, a director’s cut if you will.  You can get the ebook here if you’re in the UK and here if you’re a US reader.  It’s also available in the Amazon stores in Australia, Germany, France, India, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and Japan.  Version for other e-readers will be available shortly.

If you can help get the word out about this, it would be great, and reviews are always welcome too.

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