Jack Of Ravens US Cover

Here’s artist John Picacio’s cover for the Pyr edition of Jack of Ravens, Book One of Kingdom of the Serpent. Out in March, with books two and three to follow in subsequent months.

For US readers, this is the final trilogy of the nine-book sequence that began with Age of Misrule. Jack Churchill returns, along with the Brothers and Sisters of Dragons, Fabulous Beasts, Celtic gods, Ragnarok, the Otherworld and the wrapping up of every single plot-thread wound over the series.

Can I suggest to all the readers who have been complaining about Gollancz’s failure to reprint the long-sold-out UK version to pick this up on import. It should be available on both Amazon and the Waterstone’s site.

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  1. Wow, that lag time felt like a decade! Can’t wait to revisit The Age of Misrule. the first six volumes look so lonely on my book shelf. *grin*

  2. Best cover yet, Mark – this is wicked! Really familiar looking character there…how much input did you have into how he should look? (posters are now a must – I emailed Picacio about that a while back but will do so again)

  3. To be honest, Michael, I consider John Picacio such a great artist I don’t think there’s anything I could add in terms of brief and suggestions. I just let him get on with it – and he’s never let me down yet…

  4. Like the ravens lots, but he’s not worn/weary looking enough and he does look to much like someone else, but then again that could very well work in your favour; lots of teen girls buying it just because it has a Robert Patterson lookalike on the front :p

  5. My comment is unrelated. Since there was this craze when it came to twilight, I decided to read breaking dawn. And I was disappointed. The last ‘book’ in the novel was flat. And I came to the conclusion that it’s because all the inner conflicts where dealt away with. Perhaps it would have worked better if bella had more trouble accepting Jacob or something!!
    And that’s why Mark’s books work so well!!! The characters are always fighting an inner conflict. Stops the reader from getting bored.
    Hope I didn’t offend any twilight fans, but it really separates the novels that are excellent from the okayish ones.

  6. SQUEEE! Yay! I so can’t wait! The cover looks amazing, and I just know the content is going to match it(beat it is more like it)! Hmmm… now which B&N to go get my copy reserved at to pick it up when it comes in… :D Now to go grab the other two trilogies and start re-reading to be caught up when it comes in! ^_^

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