Leicester Signing

I’ll be signing books at Waterstones in Leicester’s High Cross shopping centre this Saturday August 20th from 12.30.

I don’t do many signings, so it’s a good chance to get a lot of books signed, or talk to me about what’s coming up – or even ask for tips about getting published, if that’s your thing. (But if you ask for a tip, you have to buy a book…)

3 thoughts on “Leicester Signing”

  1. I DESPERATELY wish I could have attended a signing. I hope, someday, in the near future I will be able to. Its a little far as a live in South Africa, but hope to be traveling to England soon. But I’d love to meet Mark! I think he’s an amazing author.

  2. It would be wonderful if you could! I’ll have to email some photos through to you of a game park I recently visited. We also have little monkeys coming through our garden quite often. There’s plenty to see and it is all quite beautiful.

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