Giving LSD To Housewives

Domestic Goddess tip: how to get through a day of kitchen drudgery. *

(*not officially sanctioned by Nigella)

This is an interesting documentary clip from the heyday of psychedelics research in the late 50s. Take a look at the interview with the acid-keen psychologist near the end: “That’s what death will be like. And oh what fun it will be.”

Also worth checking out: Don Lattin’s book The Harvard Psychedelic Club: How Timothy Leary, RAM Dass, Huston Smith, and Andrew Weil Killed the Fifties and Ushered in a New Age for America.

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  1. Mark, this short film made me feel quite nostalgic. I did all my tripping over 40 years ago. I remember the first and I remember the last but the ones in between, who knows?
    It was so important to be at peace when you dropped the tab. You had half and hour in which to banish fury and irritation from your mind and then off you went for 12 hours. That’s what I remember about the first. The last was a purple microdot and I was already stoned. It lasted for 3 days. Seeing the woman in the film reminded me of the sublimeness of a good trip. Those people in the film seemed so earnest and so loving. I’m glad I was a part of that era.

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