NASA Discovers New Form Of Life – On Earth

NASA has uncovered an entirely new life form on our planet that “doesn’t share the biological building blocks of anything currently living” on Earth.

The lead scientist behind the research Dr. Felisa Wolfe-Simon says, “This microbe is doing something different than what we know.”

She adds, “We’ve cracked open the door for what’s possible for life elsewhere in the universe. and that’s profound to understand how life is formed and where life is going.”

NASA says this could “impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.”

5 thoughts on “NASA Discovers New Form Of Life – On Earth”

  1. Indeed. Even after all these centuries of enlightenment, we still have a troubling capacity to place our own perspective at the centre of everything.

  2. We humans have to realise we have been told whats the norm for so long we cannot deal with what we don’t know. We have had centuries of dissinfomtion from the church. You only know what you have been taught. “The aborigines in australia did not know what ships were,the sharman had to tell them they could see them, before they saw them. Is that how we are ??

  3. What if this organism is just a part of the evolution process – when the atmosphere becomes unbreathable and we become extinct, maybe “they” will take our place. Just saying…

  4. This reinforces the view that life will always continue to amaze and astound in its tenacity to endure , adapt , and survive . Fractal perfection of patterns that repeat and endlessly reproduce themselves . To say that our little mote of Cosmic dust , albeit a extremely complex and diverse microscopic bit of dust , is not a part of a greater , universal pattern is to deny what scientific advances in Cosmology and Quantum Physics are showing us .
    The future is bright : the future is life .
    It`s so mind – boggling to be a tiny part of it all .

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