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    “Literature, meanwhile, is so intrinsically involved with magic’s very substance that the two may be effectively considered as the same thing. Spells and spelling, Bardic incantations, grimoires, grammars, magic a “disease of language” as Aleister Crowley so insightfully described it. Odin, Thoth and Hermes, magic-gods and scribe-gods. Magic’s terminology, its symbolism, conjuring and evocation, near-identical to that of poetry. In the beginning was the Word. ”

    Alan Moore wrote a sprawling, in-depth and typically smart study of the occult for Kaos Magazine called Fossil Angels. The magazine folded before publication, but you can now read the piece online. The quote, above, comes from part two.

    Part One is here.
    And Part Two here.


    2 Responses to Alan Moore On Magic

    1. Geoff
      October 23, 2010 at 9:51 pm

      Cheers Mark ,
      What a thought provoking article . I learned much , enjoyed it , too .
      Information delivered in a smart and amusing format .
      A gem of an article that added , so much , to what I already love .
      Geoff .

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