Swords Of Albion Date Announced

The UK publication date for my new series, Swords of Albion – Elizabethan spies vs Faerie, in a nutshell – has just been announced by my publisher Bantam for April 2010. The book is now available for pre-order at the usual sites.

And a quick plea to all UK readers, please don’t order the US version, if you can possibly resist. The global market is causing a headache for publishers with staggered releases (it’s not always possible to align publication dates around the globe) – and if everyone orders the US version on import, my UK sales will tank and my editor will give me a good kicking.

0 thoughts on “Swords Of Albion Date Announced”

  1. Well, since you asked so nicely Mark ;)

    Good news though, as I was wondering when if it would get a UK release…

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