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    Pimp alert. The good people at Solaris have kindly offered to publish one of my short stories in their excellent new anthology. The story is called ‘Who Slays the Gyant, Wounds the Beast’ and features Elizabethan England’s greatest spy, Will Swyfte, the devilish forces of Faerie, intrigue, romance and a touch of swashbuckling.

    And if that’s not enough – and why should it be? – the book also includes work by Steven Erikson, Juliet E McKenna, Lucius Shepard, Jeff Vandermeer, Hal Duncan, Janny Wurts and more. Find out more about it here and buy it in the UK here for the very reasonable price of £2.82 (currently) and in the US here for $7.99.


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    1. Lermontov
      October 18, 2007 at 8:38 am

      This looks great, Mark. And at that price on a certain site is a mere snip! A definite for the shopping list. You’ve sold me on the blurb of your story already! Great to see anthologies of fantasy and SF getting collections like this. There is a wonderful eclectic mix of authors in the fantasy collection. And with a second volume of SF stories to follow a first already out, exactly what the genres need to spread the word. Neat-sized portions to partake of!

    2. July 13, 2009 at 6:54 pm

      That looks interesting. I discovered this by chance, browsing.
      I will look into it. The price is very reasonable.

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