The Age of Misrule – New and Improved

A brand, spanking new omnibus of the Age of Misrule trilogy – featuring World’s End, Darkest Hour and Always Forever – is now available to buy.

Age of MisruleIt’s got a great, black and red designery cover and, more importantly, has a very slightly updated text to eliminate some of the errors that crept into the original printings.

The story – like the current Kingdom of the Serpent – was designed as one big tale, which for marketing reasons was split into three and published annually. Now it’s presented as originally intended, where the more subtle interweaving of plotlines are clearer.

And maybe now more people will get that enigmatic final paragraph…

You can see it on

Don’t forget – if you’ve only read Jack of Ravens, the epic story starts here…

12 thoughts on “The Age of Misrule – New and Improved”

  1. I really think the omnibus should be brought out in hardback since every book I’ve bought is paperback and now in storage since I’m inbetween moving houses. Just two days ago I dug my copy of Worlds End out to lend to a friend to have it fall to bits in my hands.

    Also is the any news on The Kingdom of the Serpent book 2?

    Regards, York.

  2. It would have been good to have it in hardback, but the omnibus is a bit of an experiment. Will it find a market or have too many people bought the individual books for it to sell? I don’t think the publisher wanted to risk the cost of a hardback on the answer. Having said that, it’s selling well.

    Serpent book 2 is being written right now, aiming for a July publication.

  3. Glad to hear that sales are going well. I wonder if they’re first time buyers or existing fans?

    About the final paragraph, I didn’t really get it until I started putting together the clues from The Queen of Sinister, The Hounds of Avalon and Jack of Ravens.

  4. Ahh! Wow it looks very pretty. I like it.

    Weee! I think finally Jack of Ravens has been released in Australia. Now I must journey from my comfy abode to go see, definately can’t wait.

  5. It’s nice to hear sales are going well, I’ll have to buy the omnibus when I get a bit spare cash, I think I may pass the other copies to a charity store or something since their a bit beaten. Looking forward to the next chapter of the story, I’ve got a terrible memory so I’m going to have to refresh and read all the past books again.

    Regards, York.

  6. Hey Mark

    Just wanted to say WOW….i was out looking for some new books and just stumbled over yours. Raced through it to fast so i will wait a while and go back and read it again. Ordered Jack of Ravens and can’t wait for it to arrive…Great storytelling, thanks for sharing your tales.


  7. My fiancee bought me ‘The Devil In Green’ because she thought it looked like my sort of thing (I’d never read any of your stuff before; sorry). When I saw the ‘Age Of Misrule’ omnibus on Amazon, I snapped it up. It’s a great way for a new reader like me to get caught up in one go!

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