Ravens Reviewed

John Berlyne has posted his review of Jack of Ravens over at SFRevu.com.

John writes an insightful overview of the book, identifying the main themes, avoiding spoilers, and most importantly assessing the work purely on its own merits – even whilst Admitting that he hadn’t realised it was a continuation of Mark’s earlier work, which he confesses hadn’t read before – and concludes that Jack of Ravens is “a real bravura display from the author, a very successful attempt to offer readers something truly different from the standard fantasy fare.”

A well-written review, IMHO. But then, Mr Berlyne is rather good at those…


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  1. Indeed a very fine review. I think the book is the best so far. I don’t think I would have been disappointed if I hadn’t read all the others, but I would have had a different understanding of it all, or maybe a lesser understanding.

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